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About MSF: Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of the Monk Seal Foundation believes in its accountability to the community, our donors, volunteers and our partner organizations. The Monk Seal Foundation Board of Directors takes responsibility for continuing to meet our goals and objectives and ensures that they remain in alignment with our organization’s mission and vision. We do not take the trust our supporters place in us lightly and therefore adopted governance practices to achieve the following:

  • Ensure that the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers fulfill their duties and are aware of their responsibilities. We believe in giving our Board of Directors, our staff, and our volunteers’ access to training so they can serve our organization well and fulfill their responsibilities or duties.
  • The Board of Directors undertakes regular assessments of the performance of the Board and initiates reviews of our staff, volunteers, and committees.
  • The Board of Directors is kept well informed about the operation of our programs and new obstacles that may impact the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Maintain compliance with the IRS mandates for nonprofits and make sure our operations withstand the scrutiny of an audit. We maintain specific policies and procedures for the solicitation and processing of charitable giving. In order to remain accountable to our stakeholders, we maintain access to regular financial reporting.  
  • Protect our tax-exempt status by maintaining proper records and guidelines by reviewing IRS requirements to ensure the appropriate use of donor funds.
  • Appropriately manage collaborations between the Monk Seal Foundation and other entities, including both non-profits and for-profits to make sure that no conflicts exist. 
  • Stay above reproach by handling all charitable solicitations and giving correctly and show appreciation and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Take measures to minimize our liability in order to protect our funders and the Monk Seal Foundation. The Board of Directors maintains risk management policies, including bylaws and an appropriate code of ethics policy to cover conflict of interest to protect our organization and its stakeholders.

We understand that we are accountable for the outcome of the organization. We remain committed to bringing our mission and vision to fruition in Hawaii.
Board of Directors
Patrick Wardell, President
Rachel Estok, Secretary
Cortney Marquette
Jill Mayo
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