Taylor's Project


 "For my personal health project we had to make a difference in our community and I didn't know what to do.  Then, my Mom came home from work and told me the Monk Seal Foundation came to her work for a workshop.  I decided to do my project on the monk seals.  I absolutely adore monk seals, and am aware of how endangered they are.  So, to raise money I baked cookies and sold them to all my friends and family.  In total, I raised $150.00 for the Monk Seal Foundation.  This is by far my greatest achievement in life.  I am so glad I got the opportunity to help raise awareness and money for the seals.  They definitely deserve it."

Ingrid's Perler Bead Jewelery

Dear Monk Seal Foundation,

My name is Ingrid. I am 10 years old and live in D.C. I love animals. I had heard about monk seals in books and movies. But one morning I was reading a National Geographic magazine and there was an article on monk seals. I read it and I was surprised at the number of monk seals left. I decided to try and raise some money for a charity for monk seals. I searched the Internet and came up your organization, Monk Seal Foundation. I thought of a lemonade and cookie stand. But then I decided that would not make enough money so I thought of making perler beads to sell. My brother and I made tons of different perler bead creations until finally we had around 30 different creations.

One Friday my friend Cooper came over for a sleepover. After we stopped by a grocery store for the lemonade and cookies for the stand. After that Cooper and I made a poster with a picture of a monk seal on it. The next morning, we held the stand in front of my house. My mom thought we were doing a good thing so she told us that she would match the money we made at the stand.

Well, we made around $50 at the stand. Along with the $50 in matching funds, $50 from my dad and grandmother, and $104 from my own savings, I am sending a check for $204 along with this letter.




Elizabeth's Birthday Wish

For her 8th Birthday Party Elizabeth from NC didn't want presents. Instead her birthday wish was for her friends to donate money to help save the monk seals. This very generous and special young lady managed to raise over $600 to help our beloved seals! She is a true inspiration and a monk seal hero! Mahalo and Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!
Sarah's Lemonade Stand
Campbell's Hard Work

From Campbell's Mom...

I wanted to share a bit of history with you regarding the donation for your organization from Campbell. All summer, she has worked to raise funds for your cause. She has held lemonade stands, solicited donations and most notably, she asked all of her friends to bring donations to your foundation in lieu of presents to her 7th birthday party.

We are so proud of her tireless efforts and her determination to help the Hawaiian monk seals and hope that you are too.
Stella's Bake Sale
Washington Middle School After School All Stars

The Afternoon All Stars is an enrichment program for middle school students. After learning about the recent issues with Hawaiian monk seals being killed, the students decided they wanted to help. They put together a 3 day Ice Cream Sundaes for Seals fundraiser where they were able to raise over $320!!
Abby's Birthday Wish
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